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How It Works

You’ve Chosen Las Vegas!

You’ve chosen one of the greatest vacation locations in the world. Las Vegas. Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan your fabulous trip.

You’ve Discovered Vegas Attraction Pass!

Wow! What a great choice. You’ve chosen the best Attraction Pass company in Las Vegas. People love the savings they enjoy by using a Vegas Attraction Pass pass. Now it’s time to choose the attractions you want from our Attractions Menu.

Pick Your Attractions!

Our Attractions Menu gives you many choices of fabulous attractions around the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. Choose to experience Vegas from a birds-eye view, or travel the strip on a scooter, escape, or learn about the Mob, and much much more. Decide on the number of attractions you want to visit and purchase your pass with that number in mind. Remember, each pass is per person.

Build Your Attraction Pass!

After learning all about our attractions from our Attractions Menu, it is time to choose your pass. Choose to experience One, Two, Three, or Four attractions per person. Now choose your pass from our Choose Your Pass page and get ready for the best vacation of your life.

Get Ready For Your Best Vacation Ever!

It’s one of our greatest pleasures to bring you some of the best attractions in the world at great prices. Enjoy yourself!